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Welcome New Patients

Here at 47 dental care we carry out both NHS and private care, and we welcome new patients young or old to our practice, whether you are seeking cosmetic work, dentures, basic fillings or just a general check-up.

If you would like to register with us you can either drop in or call us on 020 8459 2928. We will ask you to fill in a new patient form in which you enter your contact details, any medical conditions you may have and where you can give us a little bit more information about what brings you to see us.

When you come in for your dental appointment you will be seen by either Dr Sharma or Dr Rooney, who will make you feel as comfortable as possible, and will carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, jaws, and the soft tissues inside your mouth. They may need to take photographs or radiographs to help them come to a diagnosis.

Once you have been examined and any diagnoses have been made, your dentist may find that you need treatment. They will discuss with you your options, please feel free to ask as many questions as you see fit before you come to a decision, and your dentist will then formulate a personalised treatment plan to meet your needs. Your treatment plan will include any treatment you currently require with an estimate of how much money it will cost.

No matter which area of dentistry brings you to see us, we want you to feel as welcome as possible and we aim to meet your needs to the highest of standards!

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